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Patrol Services
Tri City Patrol, Inc. is on patrol 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, 365-days a year. Our uniformed Patrol Officers will perform random patrols of your property and make thorough inspections of your areas of concern. We provide a deterrent to criminal activity. The Patrol Units are clearly marked, and are operated by uniformed Patrol Officers. You specify the number of visits each workday and weekend day. Our Officers will do a physical check and search of the property for criminal activity, damage or trespassers. Our Patrol Officers provide, and respond to the following:
  • Random Security Patrols of your Property
    (Residential, Commercial & Industrial)
  • Response to Complaints
    (Loud music, neighbor disputes, loitering, etc. Limited call response is included with any standard patrol contract)
  • Emergency Response
    (Respond to emergency situation. In the event of possible loss of life or property, client should contact 911)
  • Private Community Patrols
    (Homeowner Associations, Apartment Communities, Mobile Home Communities, Sub-Divisions, Individual Homes)
  • Business Patrols
    (Individual Businesses, Business Parks, Shopping Centers, Business Condos, etc.)
  • Premise Posting
    (We help deter crime by posting our signs at the entrance to your property)

Our Patrol Services provide qualified personnel that will perform special Opening or Closing functions, Physical Checks and Drive-By Checks at your property as frequently as necessary. An extensive training program provides our personnel with the expertise required to handle the full range of security issues that may arise.

Our Patrol Officers will physically check the perimeter of your property and buildings, check gates, fences, doors, and windows to insure that the property is secure. This service can be provided for residential, commercial, or industrial customers. We provide a definite level of security that discourages criminals from targeting your property.

A strong advantage that Tri City Patrol, Inc. has is that we have the ability to provide our own 'back-up' of Officers. This means that if an Officer at one of our patrol sites needs assistance, or has an emergency situation, he or she can notify the Tri City Patrol, Inc. Dispatcher on duty of the situation, and additional Patrol Officers will immediately respond to the on-site Officer's needs. This provides added coverage to our clients (at no extra cost), and increased Officer safety.

What will Mobil Patrols do for you? The objective of this service is to provide our customers with total "peace-of-mind," that their properties are being looked after when they are not there. With the dramatic increase in crime, it is a measure we all must take to insure the safety and security of our homes and businesses.

How does a Patrol Service work? Tri City Patrol, Inc. will complete the contracted number of patrols agreed upon, daily and weekly. In completing the checks of your property, we make certain that all areas of the property have been checked and are secured as they should be. The Security Patrols are done on a random basis from night to night, so as not to give the criminals a set time for us to be on the property.